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MaiLynn’s Project – Keep 28 Young Cambodian Girls in School

As many of you know, my daughter, MaiLynn, has been traveling the world.  She lives in New Zealand now, but I think her heart is still in Southeast Asia.  I got this email from her asking that I get the news out on this important project.  This gives me the impetus to post my first blog.  I’ll let her tell you in her own words, but first a few pictures of these beautiful girls.

“I’ve started volunteer work with The Branch Foundation, the community developement and support organization I was telling you about in Southeast Asia.  We have a big project campaign out to help keep 28 young Cambodia girls in School – its featured on the Global Giving website which is a fantastic and really meaningful project. It is really close to my heart given my many visits to Cambodia and my absolute love for the spunk and courage of the girls there.  Take a look at the link – I think you’ll find it very interesting……   The Global Giving site has generously put on a “matched giving day” on this Wednesday 14 March, in which they will match all individual donations received by 30% – so it’s a sweet day to give money on. ”


Of course, you can donate any day. They’ll use the money well.

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2 thoughts on “MaiLynn’s Project – Keep 28 Young Cambodian Girls in School

  1. Ken Adams on said:

    Welcome to the world of blogging. It is a very rewarding process – good luck and congratulations on your daughter’s accomplishments. The story of girls in Cambodia is not one the world knows much about – tell us more. ken

  2. Thanks Ken, I’ll be posting more about them soon. The education of girls is key to sustainable development. Maybe more important, it will improve these girl’s lives and some of them will be able to lead us to new understandings. Who knows?

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