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The Joy of Training

I got to do one of my favorite things on Thursday.  I was in front of the classroom again, teaching about collaboration and watching faces light up and laugh as they discovered what they could do with simple, free, cloud based Google Docs and Blogger applications.  I love teaching and training when I can get the whole class interacting and coming out with some new skill or insight.

I designed Collaborating with Google Docs and Blogger as a highly flexible class. My high school students used it to create some glitzy presentations about the French Revolution and my middle school students used Blogger for jazzy Roaring Twenties blogs that included videos and music. They loved it.

This time I taught the class to adults in ProNet, a volunteer organization I belong to.  ProNet is an organization that helps unemployed professionals get back to work by providing job search and skill enhancing “graduate classes”.  The day to day business of ProNet is carried on by volunteer committees and I knew that these volunteers were looking for ways to do committee work and group communications online. They also wanted share their resumes and cover letters for peer review. During the class they learned how to post documents, share them, make comments, create shared documents, and create committee blogs.  We even created a Blogger blog to record what we’re doing with this new knowledge.

By the time we finished the class they were commenting on each other’s resumes, posting committee minutes and projects. Just for fun, we also created a collection of frugal luxuries that make our lives in transition a little more comfortable.

If you’d like to participate in a class like this and know an organization in the Truckee Meadows that would like to sponsor or host it, I can customize it to your needs. Contact me and we’ll see what we can set up.


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