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My Buy Local Day

Wednesday is my usual shopping and outside chores day but I wanted to get some research for my blog done before I left home. Luckily, I’m focusing on local alternative economies for the next week or two and my first couple of blogs will be on buy local campaigns. When we buy from local businesses we keep much more money in the local economy and that contributes job growth and the quality of life in our towns. I went to the Reno-Sparks Buy Local Business Co-op website and came across the Local Business Directory for Reno-Sparks.

As I read the directory, it occurred to me I could have a Buy Local Day and get the post researched while doing my shopping.  First I needed to have breakfast. The directory had lots of listings for local restaurants. I picked Jack’s Café in Sparks. I always order something I wouldn’t cook at home, so I had chorizo and eggs. It was a huge meal so I only ate about a third of it and kept the rest for later.

Next was the Great Basin Food Co-op.  Their new store is spacious, colorful and filled with beautiful food and personal care items. They support local farmers and most of their meat and vegetables come from farms within a couple of hundred miles of Reno. You don’t have to be a member to shop there, but I renewed my membership. I’ve volunteered there before and met a lot of nice people. If I find the time, I’ll go back for eight hours a month to get discounts on special orders. I bought vegetables and lip balm and moved on.

There were some things on my list I couldn’t find at the Co-op, so I headed over to Scolari’s. This locally owned grocery chain carries more locally produced food on its shelves than other chains. I saw locally produced sausages, honey and even some salad dressing from Winnemucca.

I encourage all of you to have a Buy Local Day no matter where you live. Try to go somewhere you haven’t been before. Let me know how it goes. What is your favorite local business?

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