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Suzanne Stormon's Explorations of Creative Alternatives

About Suzanne (Suzi) Stormon

I am an eclectic, mostly armchair, explorer, an avid reader and a person who loves to teach what I know.  Before I became a teacher, I was sort of a new job junkee.  By that I mean that I changed jobs to explore the world around me.  I worked in casinos, bookstores, warehouses, libraries, neighborhood bars, and political campaigns. No wonder I’m focusing an Alternative Economies. I have a Masters degree in Sociology, which probably lead me down this crooked path.

After teaching in universities, colleges, then adding charter schools for the last 12 years, I’m off on another path. I’m writing and hoping to get back to my passion-Sociology.  This path is just being cleared and I’m cutting down the underbrush and overgrowth as I go. It is an adventure.contact me at sstormonatgmail.com

One thought on “About Suzanne (Suzi) Stormon

  1. Ken Adams on said:

    Thank you for joining my blog – I would read yours more often, only that requires you posting more often.

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